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Name: Morgan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Canon: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Canon Point: Pre-final battle
Link to Application: Here!

Moogle Name: Robin
Moogle Gender: Female

Jobs: Black Mage, Blue Mage
Limit Break: Ignis; Morgan unleashes a special attack that is several times his original strength as he's surrounded by a purple light. The attack will be stronger the more balanced between physical attack and magic the class he's using is, as it will be combining the two powers into one.

Link to HMD: (optional)


May. 10th, 2015 01:10 pm
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HMD post for Morgan from Fire Emblem: Awakening!

Criticism is encouraged!

Comments are SCREENED at request.
IP Logging is OFF.
Anon is ON.
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Name: Jayne
Age: 22
Personal Journal: [personal profile] bronnichiwa
Contact: [ profile] bronnichiwa
Other In-Game Characters: Anise Tatlin

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Morgan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Canon: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Canon Point: Pre-Final Battle with Grima.
History: one and two
The first thing that anyone will notice about Morgan's character is that he's happy and upbeat. He's genuinely optimistic, and even Lucina admits that "[she's] not known anyone so optimistic in all [her] days." Despite having no memories when he first wakes up, and knowing that the future he came from is one that's in ruins, he still finds a way to keep his optimism. Morgan's optimism is radiant and tends to spread to many people that he talks to; no matter the situation, Morgan always looks to find a silver lining. He believes not necessarily that the best will, but that the best can happen in any scenario, if they give it their all. Even when, in one ending, they know that Grima will likely return, he still carries this optimism saying telling his mother not to worry because they'll "find a way to make things right!"The optimism that Morgan holds is inherent and not forced, as he states himself with Yarne, "I never really stopped to think about it... I guess I was just born this way?"

This optimism and belief that things will always end up okay underscores another key character trait of his; adaptability and flexibility. Rather than sticking with a rigid plan, Morgan tends to "go with the flow" and do whatever seems like a good idea at the time. For example, when Owain declares him his "one and only rival," even though he's taken aback and confused at first, he eventually just rolls with it and starts trading ridiculous banter with Owain in what he thinks is a game. He ends up playing with kids in a village and singing to them, just because he felt it was a nice thing to do at the time. Similarly with Cynthia, upon her insisting that he should use an epithet for himself, he tries to immediately declaring himself "unwavering light that makes bad guys... really sad!"

The flip side of his willingness to "go with the flow" is that he can sometimes be short-sighted and not think things through. For example, in Hot Springs Scramble, he doesn't realize that his plan with Inigo to play dead to catch Risen might also worry their allies. In the same DLC chapter, he doesn't realize until after a water fight with Cynthia that perhaps the splashing would hit their companions as well. Similarly, he's not always the most careful with his words, often causing him to say what comes to mind immediately, even if he sometimes has to backtrack (such as in Kjelle's and Severa's supports).

That being said, he's always willing to talk to his friends. He reaches out to people naturally, and as Yarne says in his supports, that all it took was two days in camp before Morgan was "everybody's best friend." He's not afraid to approach almost anybody he can stop and talk to, be it to ask if he can learn somebody's training secrets (Kjelle) or to ask if they'll join the group for dinner (Severa and Yarne).

Beyond just talking, Morgan is someone who's always willing to lend a hand to people he cares about (which is just about everyone he knows). Almost all of his supports with the other second generation kids involve him helping them in some way, be it helping someone get over a phobia of bugs, helping someone feel safe on the battlefield, or even just offering words of encouragement that the other person is awesome and that everything will turn out okay. Sometimes, he'll even help out at the expense of his own safety; in Nah's support, he climbs a dangerous cliff to help find a flower to help her, even if it ends in him covered in cuts and bruises. Despite this, he still delivers the flower with a smile, insisting that he just found it on the side of the road.

Despite his penchant for friendliness and warmth, Morgan can still tend to be somewhat of a trickster. In many of the supports with his mother, he tries to trick and outsmart her in various ways. He loves games, and as a tactician, enjoys thinking of strategies. Before suggesting the ill-fated "play dead in the hot springs" plan with Inigo, he came up with several others, including, but not limited to, "boil the risen alive" and "electrify the risen with lightning." Although he can sometimes be short-sighted, being so adaptable and quick thinking makes being a tactician something Morgan is good at. Additionally, it's something that's very important to him, and something that he's always willing to improve upon.

It would be impossible to talk about his dream of becoming a master tactician without first talking about his mother, however. While all of the relationships that Morgan has in the game are important, it's clear that his relationship with his mother is the one which is most important. After all, despite the amnesia, Morgan still has memories of (only) his mother. It's stated that Morgan's dream of becoming a Master Tactician originated because he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his mother. Even to the Future Past Morgan, who was serving Grima, the relationship with Robin was still of great importance, as talking to the tactician was enough to get them to flee the fight. It's subtly hinted that the only reason this Morgan was aiding Grima in the first place was because they were following Robin (who was currently being possessed by Grima). Despite the many things that Morgan does to help Robin, he can also be competitive at times, challenging her to a game of strategy or trying to successfully play a prank on her.

While Morgan's relationship with his mother is likely most important, his relationships with his other family members are important as well. For example, his sibling support with Lucina is one of the few times where we see Morgan upset or angry, as he's afraid and angry about the thought of his sister dying. In his support with his father, too, we see Morgan get upset, but for a different reason. Although he's generally very cavalier about the whole memory loss thing, it's revealed that it does bother him that he doesn't have any memories of the rest of his family, eventually bringing him to the point of tears.

Still, despite all of this, Morgan remains a happy and upbeat person at heart, and someone who would easily adapt to living in a new world where there are many new things to learn and friends to be made.
Third-Person Sample:
"I think I understand, kupo!" The moogle bounced excitedly as he floated on the other side of the chess board.

The truth was that Morgan hadn't ever really had a pet before, at least not one that he could remember, so he wasn't really sure what to do with the small white creature that decided to stay with him. But, he had to say, the little guy did seem really handy! He was still impressed by the accessibility of the mognet network, and to have the moogle be willing to do so much more, on top of that, it was more than Morgan expected.

Still, he'd feel bad if all he did was let the moogle do work for him, so he'd decided to repay some of the favors by teaching Robin how to play chess. He figured that way, if the moogle ever got really tired or bored, there was something that they could do together to help her spirits get back up.

It also helped Morgan out a great deal as well, even though he was in a new world, it was still somewhere danger was present, and he had to keep his tactical mind sharp. Chess wasn't as refined as other strategy games out there, but it was enough to keep him on his toes as long as he supplemented it with extra studying. Even if the moogle didn't have a lot of experience yet, Morgan had found that one of the best ways to review information he'd learned was to teach it to someone else. Through helping Robin learn chess, he'd be reviewing the strategies himself, and that was invaluable. Plus, it was fun!

With all that in mind, all he could do was smile from across the table, as he finished resetting the board.

"Great, let's practice playing a game!"
Mognet Sample: Hey everyone! Wow, this mognet letter delivery system is really handy, isn't it?

So, I was wondering, what jobs does everyone use? Are there any good job combinations you've found? Is the fighting style you have here much different than the one you have at home?

At first I was kind of taken aback by this way of fighting, but I think I'm getting used to it. There are a bunch of really interesting ways to incorporate these into battle plans. Anyway, I'm trying to compile a list of strengths and what jobs work best, so if you would write back with what jobs you have and what skills and combinations you use, it'd be really helpful!
Moogle Name: Robin.
Moogle Gender: Female.
First Job: Black Mage
Second Job: Blue Mage
Limit Break: Ignis; Morgan unleashes a special attack that is several times his original strength as he's surrounded by a purple light. The attack will be stronger the more balanced between physical attack and magic the class he's using is, as it will be combining the two powers into one.


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